Month: January 2015

Advice For New Poker Players

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There is no greater game than poker. It’s fun, exciting and only the best survive.

While Texas Hold’em is relatively easy to understand, it is hard to become a successful player. The competition is tough, the players are ruthless and at some point you will want to throw in the towel. But hang in there. You can learn this game and beat your opponents.

The first rule you need to understand is poker players play to win – it isn’t just a recreational game for recreational players any longer. You need to ask yourself what your goals are in poker. Do you want to play for fun? Do you want to play professionally for money?

You need to adopt a money management system that you will adhere to every gambling day of your life. Set a win goal and a loss limit, otherwise your money management techniques quickly become distorted. Money management and patience will take you a very long way in poker.

Find your level of comfort, whether it’s the £50.00 tournament or is the £10.00 buy in. You may want to consider the higher the buy in, the more likely you are to find serious poker players.

Take a peek at different poker rooms too. If you have more success in a particular room then stick with it until you are ready to advance to the next level.

Most importantly, if you are going to play poker, read everything you can on the subject and become as familiar as you can with the game.

Practice as much as you can using the free money chips and play the free to enter tournaments to give you practice within an online environment. Then pick your game, turn off the chat and play to win.

Lightbet Casino – Now With Live Dealers

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Lightbet has done it again – Offering it’s players Live merchants while playing on Lightbet straightforwardly from Dealers of the well known Monte Carlo!.

Presently with the interesting Live Dealers while playing well known games that are still the most top picks by individuals today:

Dark Jack



Casino Hold Em

Dark Jack Info

Do you appreciate the rush and energy of the considerable number of mixtures Blackjack? The Live Dealer BlackJack game is the most ideal approach to play from the solace of your home yet at the same time encountering the rush of Monte Carlo. You can part combines (once) and twofold down on any two cards (no twofold after a split). This Live Dealer Blackjack game gives all the energy of a genuine casino table. Our merchant stands on all 17’s and your BlackJack will pay 3-to-2. It’s all here for you, including an Insurance side bet when the merchant’s first card is an ace. Welcome Monte Carlo to you’re home!


The Live Dealer Roulette guarantees a genuine casino encounter only a like roulette in any genuine casino. Rather than watching a PC created wheel twist in view of an arbitrary number generator, our live merchant roulette includes genuine merchants and genuine roulette wheels. This guarantees a customary and also fun and all the more energizing gameplay, and it is even conceivable to visit with the live merchant. You can decide to play the European or American form of Roulette. Twist to win!

Baccarat Info

Baccarat is an intriguing and captivating card game and is a standout amongst the most antiquated card games played the world over. This Live Dealer variant is the same, as it takes after standard Baccarat rules. To win huge, we offer a high payout for a tie. Baccarat is played between the player and the casino in which the players can put down a solitary bet or a mix of bets. Two hands are managed and you bet which one will win, or that they will tie. It is much the same as betting on Black or Red at roulette, and the result is even cash.

Casino Hold Em Info

Casino Hold’em is a casino rendition of the prevalent poker game Texas Hold’em, in texas holdem you play against different players, yet in casino holdem, you play against the house. You put down an Ante bet and is managed two gap cards in addition to three group cards (the failure). The merchant is additionally managed two cards that are not demonstrated to the players. The main decision is to either Play or Fold the hand. On the off chance that you decide to play, you puts down a Play bet that is 2 x the Ante bet. On the off chance that you overlays, you just loses the Ante bet. On the off chance that you decide to play, then last two group cards are managed, merchant’s hand is uncovered and you win or lose contingent upon whether your 5-card-hand beats merchant’s hand or not. The hand rankings are the same as in Texas Hold’em with most elevated card deciding victor if there should arise an occurrence of a tied positioning. There is likewise a lead, that the merchant needs to €qualify€ all together for the hands to be thought about. In Casino Hold’em the merchant qualifies with a couple of fours or better. On the off chance that the merchant doesn’t qualify not having no less than a couple of fours, then you win a payout on the Ante bet and the Play bet is pus